Associate Firms

CDM Consultancy


CDM Consultancy is a partnership established by experienced Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. We develop new solutions and evaluate existing technologies according to the client needs and preferences. Our expertise encompasses every activity related to marine engineering and naval architecture. All aspects of the development process can be performed, from financial planning, risk assessment and project management to structural and hydrodynamic engineering, piping hydraulic calculations and balancing, research and third-party verification.

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services


Orca Offshore


ORCA Offshore offers more than twenty-five years experience in the marine, structural and operational aspects of the design, fabrication and installation of fixed and floating offshore structures for projects in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, West of Africa and in the Far East. Experience includes traditional offshore work and more recent work for renewable energy projects. ORCA offers you innovative, persuasive, realistic, practical, co-operative, out-of-the-box, and enthusiastic service ranging from engineering, offshore support to Project management.

Ultramarine Europe


Ultramarine Europe is a privately owned professional organization since 1994, which offers engineering services to the technical community. It specializes in engineering design and analysis as well as the development of special purpose computer programs to assist in such analyses. For the past 30 years, Ultramarine has done a variety of offshore projects ranging from FPSO’s fatigue analysis, to TLPs installations, jacket loadouts, towing, launches, upending, deck installation, lift, floatover and pipe laying. In addition more unique projects include installation analyses of gravity based structures, wind turbines and bridges. Sister company Ultramarine Inc. is the creator of MOSES, a unique global tool that allows for the study of such projects.