About Us

TM Engineering, PLLC is a leader in the engineering design and structural analysis of onshore and offshore drilling rigs and equipment done in accordance with API 4F, ABS, DNV, and other required specifications.  The quality of the structural steel design is an essential component to every one of our offshore derricks or onshore masts and substructures, as we want each client to have satisfaction in the drilling package delivered to them.

Based in Houston, Texas, TM Engineering, PLLC, is a privately owned engineering firm, specializing in the design of onshore and offshore drilling structures, with over twenty years of experience in the upstream oil industry.  The structural design experience and expertise of TM Engineering, PLLC includes derricks, masts, and substructures for land rigs, drilling barges, fixed platform rigs, jack-ups, semisubmersibles, and drillships. Specifications used for the design of these products include API, AISC, ABS, and DNV.

TM Engineering, PLLC also specializes in field repair and field inspection for drilling rigs based on API 4G.

For any potential engineering projects with TM Engineering, PLLC, please contact us:

TM Engineering, PLLC   

18810 Appletree Hill Ln

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